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Barns & Stables

Lunging Pens: A properly designed lunging pen provides a focused and safe area for the training and exercising your horse. Our lunging pens are 6' high (4' high solid bottom and (2) 2" x 2" square top rails. The lunging pens include an 8' Gate Panel. Standard sizes are 30', 40', 50' and 60' diameters, which can be adjusted by subtracting or adding panels for smaller or larger diameters.

Barns & Stables

Breaking Pens with their high walls (8' height) provide an excellent safe training area where total focus and concentration is a must. Standard sizes are 30', 40', 50' and 60' which can be adjusted by subtracting or adding panels for smaller or larger diameters.


Sliding Stall Doors come in a variety of styles (standard grilled, solid, yolk) which can be combined with a dutch door option if desired. Sliding doors come with galvanized steel door track. Two, four wheel, trolleys with sealed ball bearings suspend the door in the door track. Plated steel door latches and door stops are used to secure stall doors.

Barns & Stables Standard Grilled
Barns & Stables Solid
Barns & Stables Yoke
Barns & Stables Dutch Door Option

Steel Conventional Doors can be ordered in either as a solid door in widths of 3’or 4’ or as a window door unit in a 4’ width.

Barns & Stables Steel Solid Man Door
Barns & Stables Steel Man Door / Divided Window


Windows: Dual pane windows are both functional and aesthetically pleasing allowing for the customization of your barn. Aftermarket windows are also available from a number of different manufacturers should you care to further customize your Breezeway Doors, Tack, Office, Studio or Living spaces. 4’ x 4.' dual glaze window (pictured) can be ordered with a mill or white finish and / or / in cross pane style.

Barns & Stables 4’x4’ Dual Pane with Mill Finish

RCA Windows - 4 x 1' Sliding with screen dual glaze-mill finish. This is an excellent way for providing additional natural light and air circulation in an RCA Barn during the warmer months with the ability to limit cold and inclement air during the winter.

Barns & Stables


Barns & Stables BLANKET BARS: in both standard and special sizes
Barns & Stables SADDLE RACK: Triple (pictured) & Single Saddle Racks
Barns & Stables BRIDAL RACKS: Five Place Rack (Pictured)
Barns & Stables CORNER FEED TUB GRAY POLY (pictured 37"x23"x 8") & HAY RACKS (pictured)
Barns & Stables CUPOLAS - Hip Style & Gable Styled with Wrought Iron Weather Vane
Barns & Stables STALL GUARD: Standard (picture #1) & Custom Sizes Available (picture #2)
Barns & Stables CROSS TIE RING (pictured - 3”x4”) & CROSS TIE POSTS (pictured - set of two, 3”tube x8’ height,)
Bowed (pictured), Flat and Custom Sizes Available
Barns & Stables PASTURE FEEDER: 5 ft (pictured) & 8ft
Barns & Stables PALPATION CHUTE: (pictured) 36" x 80" x 102"
Barns & Stables WASH RACK (pictured) 41"x96"x42"
Includes chain and butt bar
Barns & Stables STALL MATS