Maximum Safety:

  • Fire Resistant. Barns & Stables Barns carry a "Zero" fire spread rating. Fire is the greatest risk exposure to an agricultural or equine barn as the result of hay, bedding and the storage of any number of other easily combustible materials. Wood barns are easily susceptible and contribute fuel to any spark, electrical short or flame. All of the standard components utilized in the construction of Barns & Stables barns are fire resistant and carry a zero flame spread rating.

  • Safe & Healthy Stabling of Horses. The wall components utilized in the construction of horse stalls are specifically designed for safe and healthy stabling. The standard wall carries a "Lifetime Kick proof Warranty" and there are no sharp edges or exposed fasteners. Even the adhesive utilized in the vacuum bonding of the steel and wood wall materials is non-toxic and environmentally safe. The use of galvalume steel on the interior of the stalls not only provides a safe durable rust resistant finish but one that can be easily cleaned, maintained and sanitized. All of our barns are designed to provide proper air exchange and ventilation for the safe and healthy stabling of horses.

  • Stall Interiors are Chew Proof. Customers no longer need to worry about the replacement of boards due to cribbing, rot or insect infestations. Barns & Stables barns are constructed of low maintenance highly durable materials that have been specifically selected for their application in the construction of a safer, stronger, low maintenance horse barn.

  • Superior Stall Front Design. The standard stall front is constructed with the bottom half being solid and the upper half being grilled with a two foot solid feed door located in the upper left hand corner. The feed door is hasp is designed for one handed use. Stall doors are four foot wide and have the option of being grilled, solid, dutch or yoke styles. Grills are constructed using 1 3/8" 16 gauge galvanized steel tubing spaced 2 1/8" between bars. The utilization of easy to use door hasps to secure stall doors contributes to the durability and they eliminate the potential for a horse learning to defeat a spring grill bar latch.

Strength and Flexibility:

  • Barns & Stables Barns are engineered with a "minimum" 100 MPH wind load (IBC wind load) and 20lb roof load. We can design and engineer for higher wind loads and higher roof loads needed for coastal and heavier snow load zones.

  • Pre-engineered modular construction allows customers the opportunity for easy rearrangement and / or the expansion with the addition of extra stalls or space at a later date. Your barn can even be taken down and then moved to another field or another state if you buy new property. Barns & Stables offers take down and moving services.

  • Stall components are compatible and can be easily retrofitted into existing buildings and barns. Most components are compatible with those of many other modular barn manufacturers. If components for some reason are not compatible, Barns & Stables is typically able to customize the parts.

  • Your barn is an investment and when properly cared for will continue to be of value for generations to come. Should you ever decide to get out of the horse business Barns & Stables offers marketing and brokerage services should you desire to sell your barn.

Fabrication Specifications:

  • Standard walls are constructed using 3/4" CDX plywood core with 26 gauge galvalume steel laminated to one side and 26 gauge galvalume embossed steel with baked enamel finish in a variety of colors, laminated to side number two. Panels are then welded into a 2" x 1 1/2" 55,000 KSI G-90 galvanized steel framework forming an 8' high x 12' long wall. The standard Choice Barns panel carries a Life-Time Kick-Thru Wall Warranty.

  • The plywood core and sheets of steel are laminated and vacuum bonded together using Rohm and Haas urethane based adhesive.

  • Sliding grilled stall doors are constructed to match stall front. Galvanized steel door track has two, four wheel trolleys with sealed ball bearings that suspend the door in the door track. Two, galvanized heavy steel formed, door guides direct the door, one on each side of the door opening. Plated steel door latches and door stops are used to secure stall doors.

  • Stall front and door grills are constructed using 1 3/8" 17 gauge galvanized steel tubing spaced 2 1/8" between bars. The grill plates are punched and 1 3/8" 17 gauge tubing is inserted into the hole and welded on the underside of the grill plate.

  • 2" x 1 1/2" 12 gauge 55,000 KSI galvanized steel connector column is used to bolt stall walls together. Zinc plated bolts are used in the assembly.

  • Divider wall trusses are constructed using 14 gauge 2" x 3" 50,000 KSI galvanized steel tubing. Breezeway trusses are constructed using 14 gauge 2" x 3" 50,000 KSI galvanized steel tubing. Rafters are 14 gauge 2" x 6" or 14 gauge 2" x 9" 50,000 KSI galvanized steel tubing.

  • Minimum 6" x 2 1/2" or 8" x 2 1/2" G-90 galvanized steel 16 gauge 55,000 KSI C purlins are used for roof framing. Aligning C purlins to the slope of the roof maximizes the strength of the roof to sustain high winds.

  • Roofing is Energy Star 26 gauge R-Panel, 80,000 KSI zincalume steel with Ceram-A-Star baked enamel coating, coming in a variety of colors. The roofing carries a manufacturer's warranty of 25 years.

  • #12 self-taping zinc plated screws with Neoprene washers are used to secure the roof to the barn superstructure.

  • All welds are treated with cold galvanizing compound of 83% pure zinc dust, which protects the metal against rust and corrosion. USDA authorized.

  • All work shall conform to the latest edition of the IBC, A.I.S.C. or local building codes

  • Certified welders in accordance with A.W.S. specifications shall do all welding.

  • Materials ASTM DESIGN: MINIMUM YIELD (U.N.) Cold Formed Light Gauge Shape A653 Fy=55. KSI Roof and Wall Sheeting A446, A792 Fy=80. KSI Structural Steel Plate A572 or A36 Fy=50. KSI Rolled Mill Shapes A36 Fy=36. KSI Bracing A36 Fy=36. KSI Machine Bolts A307 Fy=36. KSI

  • All dimensions on plans are centerline of columns.

  • Columns are anchored using 5/8" x 5 1/2" wedge anchors, minimum 4 1/2", embedded into concrete.

  • Standard wind load is 100 MPH IBC with loading available to 160 MPH and standard roof load is 20# live load with snow loading to 120 PSF/exposure.