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Choice Barns 3/4" Painted Steel wall is encased in a 14 gauge G-90 galvanized steel exterior framework. Our 2" Hardi Panel and Tongue & Groove walls are encased in a 12 gauge G-90 galvanized steel exterior framework. All plywood core and sheets of steel are laminated and vacuum bonded together with a Morton Urethane base adhesive, safe for your horses environment. The standard 3/4" Choice Barns wall system carries a Life-Time Kick-Thru Wall Warranty.

” Painted Steel                   2” Hardi Panel                 2” Tongue & Groove

Free Standing Stall System: Choice Barns stall fronts and divider walls, or a complete free-standing stall system can be added to your existing building.

Free Standing Stalls in a Agricultural Building


Standard Stall Fronts have the top half grilled with a solid swing feed door and the bottom half solid panel. Stall Fronts can be ordered in standard 8’, 12’, 10’ and 16’and can be custom ordered for other size openings.

Stall Front (93 3/8”) 12' Stall Front (141 5/8")
Standard Stall Front with Blanket Bars Tongue & Groove with Dutch Door Option

SantaFe Style Stall Fronts and Walls are available in exterior or divider walls and with 4' wide doors. The walls are 6’ with 4’ solid and three 2”x2” 14 gauge square tubes. SantaFe barn components are a low cost, yet effective, alternate wall system.


SantaFe Style Stall Front SantaFe Style Divider Wall
T&G SantaFe Stall Front T&G SantaFe Front with 6’ Door

Customized Stall Fronts and Components are available to fit almost any need. The safety, durability and ease of maintenance make the barn a perfect choice for a variety of animals and purposes. Barns & Stables has designed a variety of barns used for different purposes including, alpacas, llamas, dog kennels, sheep, goats and even for zoos.

8’ Wire Mesh Stall Front for Smaller Animals


Stall Divider Walls:

Divider Walls come in a variety of widths and have optional 1/3rd, 2/3rd or fully grilled options. There is also a Rolling Wall option which allows you to adjust the width of the stall. Rolling Walls are a great option should you temporarily need a larger stall during fowling, medical conditions or should you simply want to provide a larger stall environment for your horse but still desire the flexability of converting the area back into two stalls.


Solid 12’Divider Wall 1/3rd Grilled Divider
2/3rd Grill Divider Full Grill Divider
2/3rd Grilled Rolling Wall  

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